December 01, 2008

Monday Goodness

I started my day under a grey cloud (literally) with the impending drive to work in the aftermath of our 10-20 cm snow fall last night. However the snow had stopped earlier than expected and the snow plows had the major routes cleared so all was clear for my morning commute.

Even though the trip was uneventful I was still in a 'mood'. To get out of it I thought of a few 'good things' that had happened recently.

1 ~ I received a very unexpected and touching note from a friend that I haven't spoken to in a long time. This totally turned my morning around.

2 ~ I got a call from a friend that made me laugh out loud causing some heads to turn in the office.

3 ~ I have a very thoughtful husband who put in extra time while out on a walk with Bauer to help a neighbour find her run-away dog. What a softie he is.

4 ~ An unexpected dinner with a friend who is in the area today.

And to finish, 5 ~ The live video stream of the puppies in Montreal. Warning: watching them can become addicting.

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