January 20, 2009

Scruffy Dog Photography

**Update** illona added a pic of Bauer to her Flickr account. Check it out. How great is that photo?!?! **

We spent Sunday afternoon with illona from Scruffy Dog Photography taking photos of Bauer (and some of us humans too). We had such a fun time.

First we went to Bechtel Park, where there are trails that Bauer can roam some-what leash free. Unfortunately, everyone had the same idea (warmer temps and fresh snow) and the trials were full of dog walkers and skiers. I've never seen it so busy! Bauer played with his frisbee and walked among the trees while illona snapped photos.
Then we headed back to the house to get some inside shots. Yes, Bauer is on the couch. He was allowed up there just this once. He was very fixated on the ball illona was holding, he probably didn't register where he was.

This was the first part of illona's Winter/Summer Rover special. The summer session will be scheduled later and will be entirely outside. We hope to go to Snyder's Flats to swim, to our local school yard to catch the frisbee and finally to the back deck for a few 'chill-laxin' shots. He's such a cutie when he sleeps but Bauer was pretty hyped up Sunday so the lazy sleepy shots will have to wait until the summer.

Thank you illona for such a great experience! Bauer wasn't too sure of the 'almost as large as him' camera and lens and was a bit of a scaredy-cat with all the action in the woods but I'm sure you got some great shots and we look forward to the sneak preview!!!

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claire said...

WOW, that photo she took of bauer is awesome!!
i actually really like the one you took of her taking one of him, too... it's cool to see photogs working behind the scenes, so to speak.
you'll have to post a link once they're all up!