January 16, 2009

Draft folder

Well, it's been a 'cheese on fiber' week around here, so my big posting plans were put on the back burner. I wanted to complete selected unfinished posts from 2008. I had 41 posts in the Draft Folder. For some that's not too bad, however I only published 100 posts in 2008!

My life is not that exciting so at least 1/2 of those posts can be deleted. But I do want to complete the important ones because I am going to download my posts into a book. And being who I am I need them to be in chronological order, so I back dated them.

Here are a few that I finished this week. The others are longer and require more time and additional photos. Maybe that's why I didn't finish them in the first place!!!

The Uptown (April)

Signs of Maturity (April)

Garage Sale (May)

A Story in 3 Posts - The Beginning, The Middle and The End (October)

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