February 02, 2009

You're here. Finally.

Glad to see you February, I never thought January would end. Like an unwanted house guest, January is out the door. Don't get me wrong, January is okay but this year it seemed twice as long. You might think all that extra time would have created more posts, but no. We did keep busy, just in the really uninteresting way. I always find this time of year slow. I've got a lot of planning going on in my mind and on paper but can't take action just yet. The days are getting longer and the lure of spring and new beginnings is around the corner. Ah Spring, so many big plans coming our way. How I long for muddy paw prints.

A 365 photo update for January is in the works. I didn't have much to say in January and my dull photos will back me up on this.

Go February!!!

1 comment:

Arge said...

Maybe you'll be as excited as me seeing commercials for The Masters.

Love you!