March 27, 2009

For good behaviour

It's been a very long week. Can you see that little cluster of M&M's under my monitor stand? (nope, no upgraded monitor yet). That little replenishing pile of candy covered chocolate is what helped me scrape by.

Now on to better things. The weekend. We have a few outings planned. First to the Farmers Market to get a summer Chewber for Bauer. I think this is his fourth one. Then to another estate auction to scour for furniture just outside of Guelph.

And finally the most important and probably the most daunting task: buying a new camera. (Yes honey, I just woke up this morning and decided to buy a new camera. Surprise!) My Coolpix is slowly dying. It's been a great camera but I'm having too many problems with the lens; high usage (the picture above is number 7489) and a few bumps and bruises. I couldn't have asked for more from it. But now I want something a little more powerful. I'd love a digital SLR but the jump in $$ to that level is not an option right now. I'll try and find something in the middle. I'm leaning towards staying with the Nikon brand but I'll keep an open mind when browsing the camera store aisles.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, in the fall I bought the new Sony Super Steady Shot was about $450 and I LOVE it. It has some neat features and takes great pics (also dependent on the person taking the pics...)Check it out on Future Shops website, there are also comments from others who have bought it. Happy shopping!