March 18, 2009

Sham-Rock Aftermath

When I arrived home last night I was not immediately greeted by my loving fur ball. Huh, that's odd? As I turned the corner I saw this mess in the kitchen. Empties.....Munchies...... oh no.
I called out to Bauer and started walking up-stairs. That's where I found the passed out pooch.I slowly approached and gently rubbed his tummy. "Bauer what have you done?" When that didn't work I tickled him. "What the....Dude!?! Not cool." The rest of the night was spent here.
We had a long talk about how he's not as young as he use to be and all day partying can take a toll on any 3 year old. I just hope he passed out before the drunk-dialing started. Marlie-girl, if you got a voice mail from Bauer yesterday, delete it.

**No puppies were hurt in this dramatization**

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