March 19, 2009

Snow Award

We are the only house on our street with a snow bank. It's a little embarrassing.
It's a lasting tribute to RJ's commitment to snow removal.
At the Dansbury Street Christmas Party we heard there was a fun competition over snow bank height between two neighbours a few doors up. We don't know who the winner was but I would proudly give RJ the Dansbury Master Snow Shoveller Award. He may not have had the highest snow banks but as you can see he wins for longevity.
Congratulations Honey. Your trophy snow shovel will be back from the engravers next week.
But lets return to our 'embarrassing' situation. Do I ask RJ to shovel the snow back onto the driveway so it will finally melt away? or would that be going against the Master Snow Shoveller's Code of Ethics?

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