May 08, 2009

It got away

This week got away from me. Kinda like this guy.It's another to-do list weekend. We are getting a lot done but will not meet the 2-4 long weekend deadline (which I knew deep down inside). But we are on target for the end of May. Go Team!

The weather will play a huge factor this weekend. It's suppose to rain (maybe snow !?*#!?). Instead of the deck railing we may have to switch to painting the living room. We'll see. We don't mind getting wet but I don't think we should use our drill in the rain. Something about that screams 'not safe' to me.

I'll have a lot of catch-up posts next week. I've been taking pictures with the 2nd new Canon and I like it. (Can you sense the hesitation?) There is very little post processing (colour, contract, sharpness - all good) but I'm having some issues. I'm changing settings and forgetting to change them back. I took a bunch of photos on ISO 1600 because I forgot to reset it after I was done. I wondered why they looked so fuzzy. User issues. I'll get over it soon. I hope.

Have a great weekend!

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Lyn said...

Love the pic, with the tail leaving the frame..Important things to do??