May 11, 2009

Roller Coaster of Emotion

Saturday night 6pm the doorbell rings. Bauer runs to the door barking. I point a finger at RJ and then the door. (The international sign for “you get it”) RJ rolls his eyes and walks to the door.

RJ: Karen do you have any money
I go to see what he wants to by.
K: Yes
GG: Hi I’m with the Girl Guides would you like to buy a box of cookies?
RJ: Yes please. How much are they?
GG: $4
RJ: Okay we’ll take one box. What flavours are there?
GG: Chocolate and vanilla
RJ looking at me “Which kind do you want?
GG: You get both of them in the same box.
RJ: Sweet.

I pay the GG she thanks us and leaves. I walk into the kitchen and RJ already has the box open. We snack on a few cookies.

RJ: Whew, I was a roller coaster of emotion there.
K: What? When?
RJ: When I was answering the door. I didn’t want to go because people are always trying to sell us stuff and I’m tired of that. Then when I saw the little girl I thought I’m going to have to say no to her so I was sad. But when I saw the box that said cookies on it I was excited. At last someone has come to the door with something I want to buy. Now I'm very happy.
K: You are also very weird.

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