May 12, 2009

Meet Tweek

Since our first trip to the Garden Center three weeks ago I have wanted a garden gnome. Why? It could be genetic (one step closer to becoming my Grandma). But I think it has to do with adding a little 'whimsy' to the outside. I'm not big on most garden decorations but a gnome, it's good garden karma.

Last weekend I saw this guy and had to pick him up.He's small enough he'll blend in and he doesn't look evil. Sometimes they can. He's a very Santa/elf like, happy, jolly gnome. With a mushroom.

Now I need to find a place to put him. With out high winds this past weekend he's been camped out inside on the coffee table. I don't want him damaged buy the elements or wildlife (ie: peed on by B). I think he'll stay on the deck with the container garden. If it looks like a torrential storm is on the way, I'll bring him in. Or I could put a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of his foot and secure him to the deck. Just a little glue to fight against the wind but not so much that I can't take him off to put him away for the winter.

Breif Tangent Alert! While writing about securing decorations to decks I remembered the plastic Frosty the Snowman my Aunt and Uncle had. They use to chain poor Frosty to the porch railing. They did it for stability not because there were hoodlums. But we always made fun of the poor Frosty in chains.

Ok, so what I've just learnt is that it's all genetic.

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Lyn said...

Seems as if even the most benign figures must be secured in order to survive..Total freedom? Oh this is getting to be too the little guy!