May 25, 2009

Nervous of the countryside

Scene: I'm driving and taking the long way to the dog kennel because I thought I was immune to bridge construction detours and could sneak over without any problems. I was wrong.

K: Where’s the dog?
RJ: Sitting behind you, looking out the window.

RJ: I wonder if dogs ever get nervous when you drive for too long in the country.
K: What!?!
RJ: Well, do think they think you are driving farther and farther away to drop them off in the middle of nowhere.
K: That’s horrible. I would never do that.
RJ laughing

K: I’d drop you off in the middle of nowhere before I’d drop off the dog.
RJ: I’d find my way home.
K: How?
RJ: The GPS in my phone.
K: Note to self…….

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