May 14, 2009

Obey the Lei

Last Thursday a co-worker and I discussed the Café Disco episode of The Office.

K: As I was watching I knew we had the perfect spot for a Café Disco
CW: Yeah, that empty back room would be awesome.
K: Ok, we can do this. We can get this together.
CW: I have a disco ball in the shape of a Smirnoff Ice bottle?
K: Excellent. I have the Hawaiian lei.
CW: Done.
K: We need music and a limbo pole and some lights.
CW: I think a smoke machine would be fun.
K: I think you just took this to a whole 'notha level.

**Update** Today I found out that our Café Disco has been turned into a storage room. And yes the original Michael Scott Paper Company was also a storage room, I see the irony here. But they put in permanent metal shelving and it's too hard to limbo/dance around.

Tonight is the season finale of The Office. Overall it was a good season. Lots of changes. Some really funny episodes and sadly not funny ones too. Maybe they are going through a transition phase. Old characters come back new ones leave. Let's hope they know what they're doing.

I also started watching 30 Rock this season. I think the Mama Mia episode last week sealed the deal, I am a fan now. "Dot Dot Dot Fun Dot Dot Dot Great."

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