July 19, 2009

I am weak

I have given in to the quilting bug. I've struggled with it for years and until recently had been able to stand my ground and find a list of excuses not to get started down that hand-stitched path. But then the stars aligned. I got a sewing machine. I found time and a reason for a starter project. And once I was surrounded by all those beautiful fabrics I went weak in the knees and dove right in.

Luckily I have an experienced seamstress near by ready to teach me the basics and step in if necessary to finish my small blanket in exchange for free babysitting. Oh, did I not mention that I have only given myself 2 weeks to complete the blanket? Yes I am in denial as well.I choose the above fabrics for a baby blanket for my co-worker. It's perfectly their style, modern and not too baby-ish. I have dreams of grandeur that it will become their little boys favorite blankie. Just adding a little more pressure to the project. Amy, the seamstress, does a good job of keeping me grounded. As I was packing up from our Sunday morning tutorial she smiled and said "I love watching someone else struggle though it".

I see a few nights of babysitting in my future.

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