July 21, 2009

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey

Monkey Bread. Ever heard of it? Until recently I hadn't but lately this recipe is popping up everywhere. I decided to give it a try and grabbed a karen-friendly recipe from The Pioneer Woman. (karen-friendly means I don't have to make the bread from scratch).

Ah.. cinnamon gooey goodness everywhere!I rarely have any success with recipes on the first try but I was astonished at how easy this was. RJ knew after the first bite that we were going to have to start exercising more.

It was so good gooey and tempting that we dove in before I got the first photo.A few tips:
~ 3 cans of biscuits is a lot especially for two people. I'd try 2 cans and reducing the remaining ingredients by 1/3.
~ My bundt pan was not big enough. The biscuits started to rise over the top. So if you have a 10" pan like I do try it with 2 cans instead of 3.
~ I also think a flat bottomed bundt pan would work best. Mine is rounded and the syrup collects in one place.


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Claire said...

oh gosh that looks AMAZING. i just might have to take a stab at making that myself...