July 09, 2009

RJ: The Common Thread

RJ is on his way to Binghamton, NY, the official site of his annual golf tournament, The CheeseBag. It's RJ's Christmas in July. Like Santa he starts planning for the next tourney the day after he returns. However, it's been a tumultuous past month as there were a lot of unexpected changes to the teams. Wheeling and dealing players from one side to the other. Conference calls between the Captains. Many a late night texting. Finally a decision was made and team shirts could be ordered.
Go Team Navy with beige stitching!! Hope the weather is good and there are no overtime 'shoot outs' to determine who wins.

In a related story my car just turned over 100,000km. How is that related you ask? Through RJ. He's fascinated by my mileage. Whenever he gets behind the wheel he tells me what I'm at and how far it is until my next milestone. "Honey, you're at 87K, just 3k more until 90K!" So honey, because you weren't here to see it yourself, I present a picture of the odometer.Yes it says 100,003km. There was no way I was pulling on to the shoulder of the ramp to the 401 during rush hour traffic to take your dang picture! Love you!

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