July 10, 2009

A Funny Thing

Jen and I went to Stratford last weekend to see the Stratford Festivals performance of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" . We decided to make a day of it and wander around the town. It's such a pretty little place. Wonderful shops and delicious food. This big guy was in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. He still has his hibernation weight. Who wouldn't living in a sweets store?
Then there was The Barkery. We looked around but since both our animals are on a 'weight watch', we passed on the many delicious looking treats.
We had dinner at Othello's. The Service wasn't great (I think they were short staffed) but the pizzas were very tasty and we both enjoyed our wine spritzers. I don't think I've ever noticed wine spritzers on a menu before. But Stratford does cater to a lot of 'older' folk. Huh, so what does that say about our drink choice? Who cares, when in Rome, spritz away!
After dinner we went for a walk along the river.This is the Festival Theater. The main productions are performed there. It's much prettier at night. The roof is trimmed in lights.
There are a lot of ducks.
We caught a glimpse of a swan and her young baby. He could barely hold up his neck he was so young. Papa swan was around but he was hissing at all the people walking by.
There is a small bridge by the Festival Theater. Do you notice anything odd about this picture?No, it's not Jen's "Be glad I'm not giving you the finger smile". She doesn't realize I have a high tolerance for annoying people (RJ and Bauer) while taking their picture. Back to the bridge. It's half painted. And in a different way than I would have expected. To each his own.
And finally the play. It was very well done. A lot of laughs.I snuck a quick picture before the performance started. I was so nervous I didn't take the time to select a particular setting on the camera. (ie: the Museum setting would have worked well). I was relieved when the flash didn't go off. Nothing says frisk me to a power-hungry usher like a camera flash.

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