December 02, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

The Tree is up. I forget every year just how long it takes to put it up. This year I think I have everything the way I want it. I purchased extra lights on Boxing Day that I wound around the center of the tree and I got an extra beaded garland so the final row of branches aren't bare.

I love that it's so colourful and bright. All the ornaments have a meaning, given and bought throughout the years. The Angel on top is the one from my youth. She's still in great condition (for over 30 years old) and although she not as modern as some of the tree toppers out there, she's the perfect one for this beautiful mismatched tree.

What's your tree like?

1 comment:

chaotic kitten said...

It's beautiful! I don't 'do' Christmas decorations, but I do appreciate others' :)