December 04, 2009

Our Finn

Last night RJ and I took on two new roles, Uncle and Aunt.

Little Finn McCallum was born December 3rd at 5:38pm. Not too many more details are known right now as the new family is spending some quiet time together getting acquainted.

I've had some time to consider my new role and I've decided I want a cool Aunt name. Auntie K or Aunt KiKi. However, as with most nick names they are not something that can be predetermined. It's usually bestowed upon you during your 'not so finest' hour. I definitely have a lot of those. But I think I'll be happy as long as the words 'crazy' or 'loopy' don't make it in.

Congratulations James and Melanie. We look forward to meeting our nephew!
All the love in our hearts,
Karen, RJ and Bauer.

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