February 10, 2010

Corduroy Chronicles

I don't think I can let this corduroy coincidence go. Last week we had the embarrassing tea soaking incident. This week a potentially embarrassing incident that I did my best to diffuse. Here it is - My boss and I wore the same outfit.

Fact - My boss is a guy, so that was bad.
Fact - I work with all guys. Pro - they regularly don't notice things like this. Con - If they do notice its 'humiliations galore'
Fact - I only noticed halfway through the day, when we were standing side by side at a table reviewing marketing material. And when I noticed it was the longest 4 minute marketing discussion ever.

Now the outfits weren't identical but they were close enough to garner the normal childhood question "Did the two of you call each other this morning to discuss what you were going to wear?"

So what do you think, coincidence? Are my cords cursed? Should I bravely test the theory a third week? Should I stop living vicariously through my cords and get a life?

Boy this winter cabin fever is getting to me.

1 comment:

mel said...

The 2 Sue's that I work with frequently wear the same bright colours to our meeting days. They work in different offices and really don't see each other very often. So odd to have 2 people show up wearing the same lime green or bright pink or leopard print....bizarre!