February 03, 2010

Good Morning!!

My pants and parts of my sweater are covered in spilt tea.

I will give myself huge props for swatting at the coffee mug and throwing myself into the spill instead of letting it damage my keyboard, again.

But now, minutes later, I am second guessing my choice of corduroy pants today.

PRO: Corduroy soaks up tea.
CON: Corduroy retains a lot of tea.

PRO: If I brush my hand over the wet area I can change the grain/colour of the corduroy to make it look dry. (in case I have to leave my office)
CON: My pants are really wet and I'm getting chilly. How long does corduroy take to dry?

PRO: My pants are a chocolate brown colour.
CON: This will be soooo embarrassing if someone notices.

Another morning adventure in the clutzy life of moi!

***Update*** I stole a small heater from a vacant cubicle. Let the speed drying begin!

1 comment:

Lyn said...

Corduroy also swishes when you walk.. What, is this accident prone week, or what??