April 09, 2010

Memories of Chicken Fingers

Today in the cafeteria at my 'new job' it was chicken fingers and fries day. It immediately reminded me of being at University. Chicken Finger and Fries day was the prize meal of the food plan at Vanier Hall. The line up for CF&F would be out the door and around the corner so you had to get there early. And if you know me at all, you know I'm always early and that I really like chicken fingers and fries.

After lunch I started reminiscing about first year University and all the good times. I realized that there are many similarities between the 'new job' and my first year at University.

1) The office building I work in is large and confusing just like campus was at the beginning.
2) The new employee program is called Head Start just like the new student program at the University I went to.
3) I only know the people in my department just like the people in my dorm.
4) There is only one person I knew before I started just like the one person who lived in my dorm from my hometown.
5) I'm trying to register for my benefits and the computer system isn't working just like registering for new classes at the registrar's office.
6) I feel nervous that no one will like me just like in first year.

Actually I'm not all that nervous. Unlike back then, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am now and don't have the need to fit in like most 18 years old away from home for the first time do.

But still it's a little eerie how similar the two experiences are.

I wonder what's planned for Frosh Week?

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