April 08, 2010

That Corner I Shouldn't Know

Scene: Watching the first round of The Masters. The commentators are talking about Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicholas and their careers highlights.

K: Why are they showing us the tops of trees against the sky?
RJ: It's not very interesting.
K: I think they are missing some sort of statistic or graph.
RJ: Maybe.

The screen now shows a golf hole on the course.

RJ: Well that more scenic.
K: That's the 12th hole part of Amen Corner. The one with the bridge.


K: Did I just say that? Did I get that right?
RJ: You got it right.
K: Oh no. What's happening to me?
RJ: Give in to the Golf Side Karen.
K: Oh geez no. I even know that holes 11, 12 and 13 make up Amen Corner.
RJ: Oh yeah, you're in now.
K: ah, but I don't want to 'be in'.

1 comment:

Mel said...

as sorry as i am that you're 'in'....that made me giggle out loud!