April 17, 2006

Me in 4's

10 days since my last post! I'm very behind on my 'nothing-to-report' life. It's all about getting ready to move, and that's super boring to talk about. I did pull another TBS movie watching Sunday starting early at 7am Hook, Jumanji, can't remember movie # 3 and LOTR part 1. This time I didn't veg-out and watch them, I got some cards made, laundry done and started packing, which is why I can't remember movie #3. I'll post my card art later this week. I got this 'Me in 4's' email from Kylie this morning and decided that this would break my post drought. Not interesting or even new information for the few that read this but here it is.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1.A&P cashier
2.Gardener at Opryland USA 3.Office Admin at Leon's Furniture 4.Office Admin at Hitachi Power Tools

Four movies I would watch over and over:
1.You've Got Mail 2.Anne of Green Gables 3.The Muppet Christmas Carol 4.The Happiest Millionaires. The first song (yes it's a Walt Disney musical) is the blogs namesake! I love the silly stuck-in-your-head songs and sing Fortuosity everytime I post.

Four places I have lived:

1.Orangeville, Ont (2 houses) 2.Nashville, Tenn. (1 house) 3.Windsor, Ont (5 houses) 4.Toronto, Ont (3 houses)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1.LOST 2.Alias (Wed night 8pm, it's back!) 3.24
4.Friends, I like Ross and Monica more in syndication then when it was originally on.

Four places I have been on vacation:
1.Honolulu, Hawaii (2005) 2.Mayan Riviera, Mexico (2003) 3.Drove to East Coast (1999) 4.Walt Disney World, Florida (1984 & 1986)

Four websites I visit daily:
1.Daily Dose of Imagery 2.Make Art Everyday 3.CTMH 4.Yahoo

Four things I could not live without:
1.RJ, family, friends (all #1) 2.Honesty 3.Laughter 4.Dilbert desk calendar

Four of my favourite foods:
1.Mom's gingerbread cookies, mine don't turn out as well 2.Strawberry custard pie 3.Fresh peaches 4.Milk

Four places I would rather be right now:
1.My new house 2.The Lake 3.Shopping in Buffalo with the girls 4.Hawaii


Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten you worked at Opryland, which made me remember our Spring Break trip home and the long ass detour on the way back to avoid the flooded areas of the US!

Anonymous said...

Spending time in BC with my two young children doesn't count as a Holiday for you? Wonder why!!