October 12, 2006

Isolated flurries

It's Bauer 5 month birthday. And as we do every month we take photos to show his growth. This month we were focused on something a little more unique. Snow. When the snow started I ran outside with the camera and called for RJ to bring out Bauer. In true Hound fashion his nose went up into the air to see where this white stuff was coming from. No shots of Bauer looking directly at the camera, that would have been too Hallmark-esque for my Christmas cards. But I am sure it won't be our last snow moment. (Wait, it's snowing as I type now, beautiful snow globe snow, we're heading outside!)Bauer enjoyed playing with the snow on the deck. Digging at it and licking it and seeing it disappear.He also tried licking it out of the air.Here is our month 5 pose, RJ and Bauer in front of the butterfly bush.

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