April 03, 2008

Home Inventory

One of my favorite sites is The Simple Dollar. Last month they had a post about creating a Household Inventory. We've been in Dansbury for almost two years and considering our house has already been hit by lightning, it's probably a good idea that we take some time to do this. TSD explains the whys and hows of approaching a Home Inventory. Their rule of thumb is anything over $10 should be photographed/recorded. Not everything needs a detailed description, a couple photographs of a room can provide your insurance company something to work with. The items over $50 should be recorded and anything over $100 should have a separate picture taken.

RJ and I will try to complete a section of the house (basement and garage, 1st floor, 2nd floor and bonus room) over the next month. Taking photos and recording models/makes/serial # in a Word document. Any receipts that we have for furniture, appliances etc.. will also be scanned and everything will be copied onto CDs. We will keep the hard copies and give CDs to family members to hold in case something happens to our copies. I'll post an example as soon as we finish our first level.

It's Murphy's Law right? If you're proactive and take the appropriate actions nothing will happen.

Note to RJ: Try to control your excitement!!

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