May 17, 2008

Garage Sale

Me: Did you charge your GameBoy in case someone wants to try it?

RJ: No, but there's a power cord, it can be plugged in.

Me: You know most teens today don't want to be tied down by a power cord.

RJ: Yeah. Have you seen the size of that power cord, it's huge by today's standards.

Me: Tying them down like a ball & chain.

RJ: Oh no, it's definitely not THAT bad.

Me: Insert arm punch here.
We had tables set up in our garage preparing for the impending rain. Instead it turned out to be a nice but muggy day. The shade of the garage was very inviting.We made just over $100 and will put it towards a railing for our back deck. We had a lot of stuff left over that I'll put up on Kijiji and the rest will go to Goodwill and the Dump (conveniently located right beside each other). While preparing our treasures for sale I came across a needlepoint that my Aunt had donated to sell. I thought the sewing was very nicely done and who knows, in a few years this might be 'in' again. While dusting it I noticed the writing on the back. Helen is my Aunt's Mother In Law. I've know Helen for a long time, her granddaughter Katy is one of my closest friends. When the picture didn't sell (*gasp*) I decided to keep it and have since hung it in the stairwell going to the basement. Believe it or not we go up and down those stairs a lot and now I'm glad to have something interesting to look at.

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