June 16, 2008

Making the 'ruff' choices

My sister-in-law knows someone who is trying to sell their last two LabX puppies. She recently saw the puppies and emailed me to say they looked like Bauer when he was small. AND she wanted to know if we were interested in another. We passed a few more emails and then I called RJ looking for "The Voice of Reason". This is what I emailed to her:

I called RJ so he could convince me we shouldn’t do this. I needed to hear the “Remember the peeing, the biting, the 2 and 4 and 6am wake up calls," to try and snap me out of my rose coloured puppy visions. But instead he said the following:

1. Let's ask the dog. Bauer, stay lying down if you want a little brother. Uh oh, he’s nodding his head!
2. You can get him if I can name him Wendel. Bauer and Wendel, that's cool!!
3. I wouldn’t send him back if you brought him home.
4. Do you have a picture? Because if I see a picture of them I’ll probably melt.

I've made the tough choice for us. Please don’t send pictures!!! :o)
Thanks K

And because he was so cute, here's puppy Bauer. Look at that pudgy puppy tummy!

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