July 07, 2008

Practically perfect in every way

Phone ringing
K: RJ it's Lincoln Village (our vet) (and yes we have call display I'm not physic)
RJ: Hello?
RJ: Hi Amanda how are you today?
RJ: That's great. Thanks for calling.
RJ: Bye now.
K: Was that about the poop sample?
RJ: Yup, it came back negative for everything. It's perfect.
K: Perfect? That's what she said?
RJ: Yup.
K: Bauer has the most perfect poop!
RJ: Yes he does. Next time I'll ask them if it isn't that the most perfect poop they've ever seen.
K: For the $40 (we paid for the test) they should tell us anything we want to hear.

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