August 19, 2008

On the Bucket List

Scene: Calling Jen Wednesday night to see if we are going to swim The Lake Thursday morning

K: Hey it's me. So what do you think? Are we a go for tomorrow.
J: I guess. It's up to you.
K: Well that's nice. make me decide.
J: Have you even BEEN in the water?
K: No. I was just going to do it. No prep. Just go.
J: It's cold. I was in with the girls earlier.
K: So we shouldn't do it then? I don't think it's going to warm up in 12 hours.
J: I'll do it if you want to.
K: Do you have people there?
J: No, just John and Dianna
K: Are you drinking? because you seem aloof and distracted?
J: No. It's really up to you.
K: I wish there was a thunderstorm to blame it on, like last year.
J: Yeah.
K: We could start swimming and when we get to my place gut check-it, do we stay or do we go.
J: Sure. It's up to you.
K: I'm really not liking your casual attitude to all this. We won't do it if you're not into it.
J: No I'll do it. You decide.
K: We could just swim around Green Island. When is that swim?
J: Yeah I guess we could do that. Hannah is swimming to Hawthorn's Island tomorrow and if she makes it she doesn't have to wear her life jacket on the island anymore.
K: Cool, so we could swim with Hannah?
J: Yeah. But it's cold.
K: Yeah. Well, The Lake will be here next year. It's not like its going anywhere.
J: True. We will eventually do it.
K: Right. I'll let you go.
J: Okay, later.
K: Bye.
Hang up.

James: So are you going to do it?
K: No, the water is too cold and Jen turns blue in the frozen food section of the grocery store. We'd never make it.

Afterwards there was much discussion about swimming The Lake and how long it would take and I heard a few people pipe up that they thought they would like to swim the lake too. Maybe it should be a family event? That's right Uncle Donnie, I heard you say it's on your Bucket List.

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