October 07, 2008

Grand River Film Festival

I saw an ad for the Grand River Film Festival in the paper this weekend. Checking out their website I found 12 films showing from Oct 22nd to Oct 26th. All the films look great but the following caught my eye: Blindsight, Crusade, Just Buried, The Counterfeiters.
However, th
e lucky winner of my movie money will be Son of Rambow. I missed seeing this at the Princess Theater a few months back and am very happy to have this second showing. I did notice that it is playing at the Children’s Museum and on the website it is being promoted as a children’s movie. My only concern is that the kid that sat behind me during the last Harry Potter film will show up again and continually kick the back of my chair for the entire 2 hours. And yes, little wall-flower me did turn around and ask him and his mother to please stop, twice. I would have moved but there were limited empty seats and I am way too old to be sitting in the front row. Fingers crossed he won’t be there because I am going!!!

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Grace said...

oh boy I FREAKIN LOVED that movie! Can't say enough good things about it.