February 04, 2009

Plan B

Once RJ and I are finished dinner we will sit at the table and talk for a few minutes. Bauer has come to learn that our talking signals that we are done. And in his mind that means we are ready to play. No talking = eating. Talking = play with me now!

Normally we are serenaded by his low whining for a little bit. I will shush him a few times and go back to our conversation. Once he realizes that his subtle hints aren't being taken seriously he goes to Plan B.

While we are talking his ball will come rolling into the kitchen and settle gently by the table. We acknowledge the ball with a raised eyebrow and while smiling we continue talking. A few seconds go by and then we get the 'peak around the corner' from the other side of the kitchen.With his ears up and his big brown puppy dog eyes pleading "Please pick it up, please pick it up". By that point we can resist no longer. We are both taken in by his cuteness.
How can we ignore a face like that?

1 comment:

claire said...

that's adorable! you did such a good job of capturing that little moment - i can totally imagine that unfolding every evening.

i wouldn't be able to resist playing with him, either!