March 23, 2009

Only 130 more calls

Scene: Sitting in my desk at work. A co-worker from the Sales Dept calls me

K: Hey co-worker what's up?
CW: Hey, is today your birthday?
K: No.
CW: Really?
K: Yup. But thanks for the happy un-birthday phone call.
CW: Yeah, no problem. All the best!
K: Okay, thanks. So what can I do for you?
CW: Nothing.
K: You just called to see if it was my birthday?
CW: Yup.
K: Ok then. Later
CW: Later.

A few questions:
1) Why does he think it's my birthday?
2) When I told him it wasn't my birthday why didn't he ask me when it was? (Which is the most interesting thing about the male mind. Any woman, having made this mistake, would have asked when it was)
3) Is this going to go on for the another 130 days until he gets it right?

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