March 20, 2009

A sign of Spring...or not?

I have always wanted to balance an egg on the equinox, so I was completely amazed when it happened early this morning. Childhood innocence jaw-dropping amazement. It actually worked!! However all that pure joy came crushing down around me as I read that egg balancing had nothing to do with the equinox or altered gravity or earth's rotation and everything to do with patience and luck.

Alright, go ahead and laugh at me. I did.

I found the origin of this Urban Legend:

The Chinese are thought to have originated the practice of standing eggs on end during the equinox. Just as the equinox symbolically restores balance to the world by signalling its rebirth after a season of darkness, the equinox literally balances the day by dividing it into equal portions of darkness and light. If the egg (a symbol of fertility) could be balanced on end during a day equally divided between day and night, this was a sign that all nature was in harmony. That the balancing of eggs could be achieved on *any* day of the year was of no importance; what everyone wanted and needed was a familiar, reassuring ritual to demonstrate that all was right with the world.

It's a little sad to know there is no magic but my spirit is lifted to know that the 'season of darkness' has ended and that nature is in harmony and all is right with the world. Am I still a little naive? Maybe. But I'm okay with it because this egg-perience brought a little sunshine and laughter into my morning.

Happy Spring everyone!

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Sue said...

The things we do to amuse ourselves. Thanks for stopping by my blog.