April 29, 2009

Bionic Animals

Scene: Standing in the kitchen looking at the herbs on the table that need to be planted.
K: I guess I should get those herbs in the planter soon. Where should I put it so the rabbits don’t get at them?
RJ: Huh, I don’t know.
K: I guess we could pull out the patio table and I could put them on that.
RJ: You don’t think the rabbits will get up on the table?
K: No. Do you?
RJ: Yeah.
K: Really? They aren’t Super Bunnies. They don’t fly.
RJ: Well yeah but they jump.
K: They hop. They don’t leap tall tables in a single bound.
RJ: sigh :o)
K: They can’t climb like squirrels.
K and RJ: Squirrels!!!

What am I to do? Where should I put them so the rascally rabbits and super squirrels won’t get at them?

The herbs from R to L: basil, italian oregano, garlic and parsley.

1 comment:

Lyn said...

I'm the last one to give "natural" advice..they look so fresh, lovely..I'd have to put them indoors, on a sunny sill.
Just a city gal who thinks that bunnies and squirrels can't open doors!!