April 28, 2009

Not connecting

**Update** Thanks for the tip Mary, I will try a card reader. Luckily our home PC finds and reads the card. I don't want to mess with my work PC so I'll track down that reader.I'm way behind in posting because I'm having problems downloading the photos from my 2nd new camera. It's a Canon and for some reason I can't get the photos off it without installing the software. Normally the memory card acts like a flash drive when I hook it up to my computer. Not so this time. We'll at least not that I can figure out on my lunch. Maybe it's my PC maybe the software, maybe the user!!! But like Bauer, I'm a little pouty about it right now.


Mary said...

That's really strange. I used to connect my old camera just like you described. Now I use a card reader, so haven't run into this recently.

Love the photo - what gorgeous fur he has!

Claire said...

great shot of bauer!
i think the memory card issue is weird too... if you look in the 'my computer' section of your computer, do you find it there??