April 15, 2009

Just one?

Scene: Drug store parking lot in Brockville. I went in for shampoo while Jen stayed in the car with Ollie. When I got back Jen commented on the full bag I came out with.

J: That looks like a lot of shampoo.
K: I got a few other things. Most importantly Mini Eggs. One for you and….
J: Oh no! I can’t.
K: Oh, don’t give me that Lent excuse. It’s almost over.
J: Karen!! I have gone 38 days without chocolate or candy. You are not going to make me cave now!
K: Ya, I can tell.
K: Fine, we’ll save them until Sunday.
J: Fine. Good. Ok.

J: How many did you get?
K: Just the two.

K: Ok, you can have mine as well.

1 comment:

Lyn said...

You are more than generous, giving up your portion of chocolate is more than I can do..there isn't a circumstance...funny dialog!