April 17, 2009

Twits Tweeting

K: Have you been on Facebook recently?
RJ: Nope
K: Well it was Molly's Birthday on Monday. (Bauer's girlfriend)
RJ: Facebook is so yesterday. It's all Twitter now.
K: Ugh. What could you or I possibly have to Twitter about?
RJ: It's what's now, what's cool. Take a look (points to his blackberry)
K: Ugh, seriously?
RJ: I wanted to follow some news feeds. I literally opened an account 20 minutes ago.
K: Then literally 20 minutes ago you became a weenie.

I'm not saying Twitter-ers are weenie's, just this one is. Love you honey!

But then again, let's look at my coolness rating. I don't even own a cell phone. I can't come up with more three blog posts a week. My tweets wouldn't be as interesting at The Office Chair's. (What a following he has!)

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