July 13, 2009

Coffee Pubs, the final frontier.

As Jen and I were heading out of Stratford Saturday night, I saw the sign for William's Coffee Pub. Jen and I have gone a few times to the one in Waterloo and enjoyed it. I had recently found out that the first 'Williams' was in Stratford, so I thought I'd share this with her.

K: Look there is Williams Coffee Pub.
J: Did you want to stop for coffee?
K: No. But did you know that the first one originated here is Stratford?
J: That's cool.
K: Yeah. It's explains why it's named 'William'.
J: Yeah, William Shatner.
K: William Shatner! What !?! No!!
J: I didn't mean Shatner, I meant Shakespeare.
K: I don't know Jen. I think your inner-Trekkieness is starting to seep out.

(Jen told me last week that she is a big Star Trek fan. I didn't know this. She watched all the Star Trek series and while she doesn't have any visible Trekkie characteristics, obviously Cptn. James T. Kirk is on her mind a lot more that she realizes.)

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