August 06, 2010


Scence: RJ and I are on the phone. RJ in Vancouver me at home.

RJ: Have you decided on your route to The Lake?
K: I've Googled it and it says to go through Montreal.
RJ: There could be traffic or construction. Why don't you go the other way through Hawksbury.
K: I don't know that way very well and I've never driven it by myself.
RJ: You'll be fine. You'll know it when you see it.
K: I don't know. I don't think we've ever taken the same way twice.
RJ: You'll be fine. At that one point there is a McDonalds and a golf course on the one side.
K: What?
RJ: You know were we turn.
K: You're giving me 'RJ' type landmarks and not 'Karen' type.
RJ. Oh come on. There is that intersection that we get to and you always say "Turn left here, I know where I am now."
K: You're kidding me?? I can't use those directions, I'll get lost for sure.
RJ sighs : Go through Montreal then.
K: We are so different.

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