October 21, 2008

A Story in 3 Posts ~ The Middle

October 14th, 9pm, Dansbury Bonus Room

We were watching the election coverage. It's always a little awkward at the beginning when the votes are just starting to dribble in. The reporters need something to talk about and even if the officials have only counted one ballot box and the MP in that area is ahead by 27 votes, well gosh darn it, we need to report that to the people. Ah, the media.

Suddenly I heard a very loud sound. Like a baseball bat hitting our garage door but it came from the back of the house. Immediately I turned to face RJ.

K: Did you hear that?

RJ: Yeah. What was it?

K: I don't know.

No movement from RJ.

K: Ok, I'll go look and fend off any intruders.

RJ: *sigh* There aren't any intruders.

I went downstairs and took a quick look around. We had painted the hallway the weekend before and my first instinct was that one of the pictures had fallen off the wall. But it wasn't a crash sound it was definitely a thud. As I walked around the corner into the kitchen and flicked on the lights I saw the puddle of deep red liquid pooling around the bottom of the pantry. My first thought, IT'S BLOOD! My second thought, from what you silly girl?

Slowly I circled the growing puddle and opened the pantry doors. There on the second shelf from the bottom was a very misshaped half blown open bottle of POM juice. The juice had covered the bottom three shelves and their contents. There was juice spray on the side of the kitchen island and the fridge. What a mess. I grabbed the paper towels and wash cloth (what I wouldn't give for a Sham-WOW) and started to soak up the juice. Half way through cleaning up I thought about grabbing my camera.

It took us close to a 1/2 hour to finish cleaning up. All the while I thought how strange it was that it took 4 days for the bottle to explode. It was dropped on Saturday. It was a think bottle so I guess the pressure had to build up to break through. It was odd how one side of the bottle had ballooned out. That must have been the part that struck the pavement and weakened. Oh well, live and learn. Neither RJ nor I had noticed the misshaped bottle. Or had we......

Stay tuned for Post 3: The End or what I like to call The Confession

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