October 22, 2008

A Story in 3 Posts ~ The End

Post 3: October 17th, 9:30pm, St. Jacobs Playhouse.

During the play intermission RJ and I couldn't help but notice that we were two of the youngest people in the audience. By at least 20 years. The play was good but it definitely catered to their 60+ target audience. The majority of the jokes were physical slap-stick comedy and some what predictable, to us. The older crowd loved it. They were hitting their knees as they laughed out loud. Women were wiping tears from their eyes as the unlucky actor got his head stuck in the gramophone, for the third time. One woman was laughing so hard she was rocking back and forth in her chair and I swear I heard her say "I've got to go pee!". Sitting among all this RJ and I couldn't help but be entertained by the play and mostly by those watching it.

I commented to RJ that I thought the older crowd was doing a good job of staying awake during the late performance, unlike a certain someone I was sitting beside. (Ten minutes after the start of the performance I saw RJ's head slip forward.) We joked that they had probably not skipped their afternoon nap, unlike RJ. To clarify, we were saying this all in fun and mostly to make fun of RJ. But something about this conversation lead RJ to say the following.

RJ: By the way I have a confession to make.

K: What?

RJ: The day before your prune juice exploded I noticed that the bottle was a little out of shape.

K: What!!

RJ laughing: During lunch I noticed that the bottle had ballooned on one side and then I tried to move it but it was lodged between the two shelves.

K: Wait a minute, you saw this and didn't think to mention it to me? The bottle was lodged in the pantry, didn't look normal and you didn't think to tell me?

RJ: I did, but I forgot. laughing loudly and starting to lean in the other direction anticipating a swat from me

K laughing: So Tuesday night after it exploded and I commented on the odd shape of the bottle, that didn't jog your memory either??

RJ laughing, he can't talk.

K: You are unbelievable. You decide to tell me this now.

RJ: You can't get angry at me in a public place.

After our laughing settles down:

RJ: Whew, I've been carrying that around for a while. It feels good to get it off my chest.

K: You bum.

So that's the end of this saga. Was that a huge sigh of relief I just heard?

Okay back to cute pictures of the puppy.

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