December 19, 2008

Storm Weather Watch 2008

**Update** 1:48pm - Well with less than 5 1/2 hours left of the storm the intensity of falling snow has not stopped. My work is closing at 2:30pm, I will start the pilgrimage home. There have been no plow sightings so it's predictied to be a long drive home. (at least Windsor is starting to get a break!)
**Update** 11:15am - The kindness of Neighbours reported by RJ Payne
New images of a Dansbury resident using his plow-equipped ATV to clear what snow he can from the road. No sitting around and waiting for the plow for this considerate fellow...
Looks like he's having some fun too!! Thanks for the update RJ.

** Update** 10:52am - From out our man on the street, RJ Payne.
Hi all, The snow is already a few centimetres, but not too bad to shovel. Not overly cold out, but the wind is blowing hard, so goggles are a definite necessity. Thank you Oakley!
A couple were out walking and got a kick out of watching Bauer chasing his frisbee, his black face covered in snow. I'll check back in around noon for the next report.
For the Fortuosity Storm Weather Watch Centre, I'm R.J. Payne...

**Update** 9:53am - It's coming down pretty hard now. I can't see the building across the street. Maybe we'll get a snow day too? I noticed on the weather radar that the big part (red and yellow part) of the storm is staying below the 401.

8:29am - The snow has started. The radio says it will be a 12 hour storm, 7am to 7pm. Most schools are closed making traffic very light this morning. However the drive home....another story. A co-worker described the morning commute as 'driving through the teeth of the dragon'. He's quiet the poet.

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illona from scruffy dog photography said...

looks like we've survived.

hey, RJ, if you want to see how the scruffies - matea and morley - made out, you can catch them here:
... very mixed emotions from these two.