August 26, 2009

Is Spurtsiness a word?

This blogging thing is funny. Sometimes there is so much to say and I don't post. Other times there is nothing to say and I can post twice a day! I don't know where my 'blog-spurtsiness' comes from but some weeks I just don't have it. The words fumble out of my fingers, nothing sounds or looks right so I skip the publish button. Besides who wants to know what I'm reading or watching or doing?? Oh yeah, I do. This blog is meant to be a reflection of our life. So technically I want to know. It's good to get perspective some times.
Hope you're all enjoying the ends of summer.
What are your three wishes? That's right I put a $1 in there for each of you.

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Kristin Dombrowski said...

What a great picture!

What are your three wishes?